Lately. returns with a new single, “Pleasure”

Today marks the release date for Lately.’s latest song, “Pleasure.

The single follows their January EP, L.01, and marks a return of the band after a break in shows, music, and overall social media interaction — a break shared by the majority of musicians and people in general, of course.

The vibrant L.01 came out on January 31 after three of the five tracks were released in sequence as singles promoting the EP. Should this single follow a similar pattern, we may be able to expect new music from the band over the next few months.

“Pleasure” is catchy and sassy with a quick pace and a lightly confrontational vibe. The lyrics call someone out for staying for ease rather than love while the tempo of the song remains upbeat with an almost dance-like appeal. Despite the fairly straight-forward message, “Pleasure” balances on the edge of serious, leaning slightly towards a more lighter attitude.

Listen to the new single below, and keep up with Lately. on all social media and music streaming sites.

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