One Two Ten releases new single, “Blue Beach House”

Today, August 14, One Two Ten released their latest single, “Blue Beach House.”

“Blue Beach House” is the band’s second 2020 single, following their March release, “Say It’s OK.” For the last couple of weeks, the band has been hinting at their new song on social media with cryptic emojis and acronyms. Promising a deviation from their typical style, the band forewarned followers in the hopes of hyping them up for the change — and change, it did. The new song is certainly different from the rest of their catalog, and it is a breath of fresh air.

From the first notes, the song sets the beach-y mood. A distant sound of waves overlaps with the easy strumming to create a chill, nostalgic tone. The whole song plays like a dance on the beach, swaying in the sand. As the song progresses, it seems to change into a disappearing memory, fading into the ocean.

“Blue Beach House” shows One Two Ten reaching into a softer, more romantic aspect of their music. The song seems to be some sort of experiment for the band as they attempt to expand their horizons. Hopefully, they achieved exactly what they were hoping for with this new single; though, I don’t believe fans will be disappointed with the change in style.

You can stream the song below. Be sure to follow One Two Ten on all social media platforms.

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