The Odyssey Ends Summer With “Fresh Air”

At the beginning of the summer, The Odyssey unveiled the bop that is “Lately” in the hopes of giving us our summer anthem. So, of course they had to end the summer with yet another bop.

After teasing all summer with the promise of new music, the band will finally make their newest single, “Fresh Air,” available for listening on August 9th. In celebration, The Odyssey will also be headlining at the Vanguard that night with Hoarseman and the Heard, Jaguarundi, and McAllister.

“Fresh Air” is different from past records. This single contains music that perfectly compliments summer heat and fun. Steady beats keep feet tapping as the sound makes you long for summer – a fact that sounds silly considering it’s August, but the feeling is definitely there.

The lyrics paint a desperate and growing need for “fresh air.” They describe a feeling of confinement – and a desire for change. It’s like the melting of summer into fall, the moment just before the weather switches. That’s the feeling rolling off of this song – the exhilarating feeling before a big change occurs, and the excitement and anxiety that comes along with it.

According to the band, the song was written during a big move, corroborating the emotions felt when I heard the song.

“This song was written at a point in my life when big changes were happening. We made a big move, and while I was sitting in my brand new house, I wrote this guitar part,” explained Cobey Brown.

“It was really simple, but it just gave me this feeling… I named this little riff ‘Fresh Air’ because it just literally felt like a breath of fresh air.”

The song itself is a breath of fresh air; so, listen to “Fresh Air” on all music streaming sites on August 9th, and head over to the Vanguard that night at 8pm for an End of Summer Bash to celebrate.

Be sure to check out The Odyssey on all social media and music streaming sites.

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