Hookup’s “In the Morning” Brings End-of-Summer Blues

Tomorrow, August 2nd, OKC band Hookup will release their new song, “In the Morning” – and with it, a wave of end-of-summer blues.

The song itself is apparently not a sad one. It was written about a trip to New Mexico that one of the members took with a girlfriend. In fact, the lyrics sound almost hopeful.

It’s the music that ushers in a feeling of gray nostalgia. The song brings a mental image of floating in water. Waves are gently rocking – firmly enough to displace but too calm to harm.

It feels like looking back at the beginning of the summer, or last year – just looking back in general – and seeing all of the good and the bad mix together until it’s just a ball of gray and bittersweet memories.

According to the band, the song is about “travelling” and “seeing the world with the people you care about.” It was written about a trip that band member Grayson Hamm took with his girlfriend to New Mexico shortly after they got together. The song developed as a description of the mornings they spent – hence the title, “In the Morning.”

“It was a great experience, but the best days were the ones we got up super early. We’d wake up at like 6:30 and be making coffee in the Airbnb, watching the hummingbirds,” says Hamm

“That’s kind of where the ‘morning’ part of the song came from.”

The song certainly sounds like a travel song, though I must admit that I hear more melancholy emotions than happy, relaxed ones. I can easily picture the song playing on the car radio as a road trip commences – in the evening as the sun goes down, significant other in the passenger seat.

Be sure to catch Hookup on all social media and music streaming sites, and check out “In the Morning” tomorrow.

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