On Holiday releases “Far From Home”

On Holiday released their second single of the year, “Far From Home,” today. The single follows their political, “Defund Police,” from Halloween, and both will be featured on the upcoming album set for March of next year. The band’s plan is to release a single every month leading up to the album on the last Saturday of the month.

Fast paced and wild, “Far From Home” is all pop punk energy. From the start, the listener is launched into the dilemma of being away from home. Bursting with energy and catchy hooks, the single is hard to ignore and even harder to forget; it’s deeply emotional base of wanting to go home is cocooned in frustrated punk melodies. The song ends with the line, “send me home,” partially resolving the dilemma while still staying with the frustrated yearning of the rest of the two-minutes-and-fifty-four-seconds.

Check out On Holiday on all social media and music streaming sites. Be sure to listen to “Far From Home” below.

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