Flock of Pigs atone for 2020 with their latest hit, “Atonement”

Norman band Flock of Pigs released their latest single, “Atonement,” today, December 4th. The song is the third single of this year, following “Let ’em Know” and “Underground Legends,” and will be the final release from the band for 2020.

“Atonement” is meant as a reflection for this year. High on emotions and introspective, the song tumbles over various personal issues and bemoans the struggles of this year — both mental and general. Despite the seriousness of the topics, the song lets you groove while you reflect; catchy and poetic, the track sticks with you long after it ends.

According to statements from the band, the track is meant to be personal and feel familiar. Joseph Lee (vocals) claims, “…this record feels so familiar and personal, it felt natural for me to air out all of my secrets and vulnerabilities on it.”

“Atonement” is supposed to be “the most forthcoming and transparent record” and “the bare essence of Flock,” insists Lee. Riley Richardson (trombone) agrees and claims, “depression and self-destructive habits” are the themes of the new release. The writing and recording of this single was apparently done casually and “slightly chemically altered,” says Alex Akins (bass).

Overall, the song definitely seems like a personal look at a cross-section of the community during these unsteady and overwhelming times. Featuring thoughts that have been reverberating through most of our heads for the majority of the year, the single is relatable and honest.

Check out the new single below and be sure to follow Flock of Pigs on all social media and music streaming sites.

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