One Two Ten brightens the day with new single, “Say It’s OK”

One Two Ten released their latest single, “Say It’s OK,” today, March 27. The first song released since “Heathers” in July, and the first music the band has put out in 2020, the band deviates from their original sound to embrace a more vibrant style of pop rock.

An anthem calling for self-acceptance and a celebration for individuality, the lively track is deeply resonating and brightly optimistic. Colorful and sunny, the song builds to a chorus shouting lyrics like, “I don’t want to be broken down” and “say it’s okay with me.”

From the start, “Say It’s OK” is wildly upbeat. Immediately, the listener is thrust into a sea of synthesizers and melodic guitar riffs -– and unbridled positivity. As the song develops, the music emphasizes the message of self-acceptance with powerful melodies meant to be heard with every part of you.

“Say It’s OK” is a step away from the typical One Two Ten songs. Rather than choosing experiences and writing personal ballads, the band created a new anthem for the modern ages designed to pass along a message instead of telling a story.

Catchy and colorful, “Say It’s OK” is not a song to be listened to once – it’s meant to be played on repeat throughout the day, a silver lining to the dreary days in which we find ourselves residing.

Check out One Two Ten on all social media and music streaming sites, and be sure to listen to their new song below:

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