Walking Relic releases a new album

Walking Relic released a full-length album, Times and Tides, on March 27th.

The twelve-song collection is based on a short story. Drawing from classic novels in which the stories are told by letters or diaries and Greek theatre, the band composed songs telling a story of three strangers navigating an unknown place. Upon being transported to this unfamiliar land, the three discover they are compelled to follow a mysterious light – and this light ignites something deep within themselves.

The album is split into to parts. The first six tracks are considered the “Times” section; the next five created the “Tides” section. The final song, “Lighthouse,” ties the whole album together as the epilogue.

“Times and Tides” begins the story. The otherworldly melody sets the background, calling for the characters to give into the tide. Despite its intense sound, the track seems to give off a carefree vibe; it’s the kind of vibe that is generally associated with frothing white waves and running through the sand against the wind.

The following tracks continue with the same theme, intensely confusing and calling forth feelings of fighting against the current. “Hope” breaks the trend with a softer, dreamy sound. This begins the “Tides” sequence, shifting to a more melancholic style, hope clinging desperately.

“Lighthouse” ends the album on an intense note. The song starts like a score to a battle; heavy and building, it seems to empowers its characters to keep going. Halfway through, a lull gives the song a moment to catch its breath. Then, it’s back to a heavy intensity that brings the characters home.

Each song is captivating in its own way. Hopeful and spiritual, the concept of the album seems to be that of a journey to self-discovery. The music awakens emotions deep inside, calling to the listener and bringing images of spinning in the wind and fighting the current.

Listen to Times and Tides here and be sure to follow Walking Relic on all social media.

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