Schat and the Skeleton Trees Debut “There’s Nowhere to Go”

On October 24, Schat and the Skeleton Trees is set to debut their single, “There’s Nowhere to Go.”

The Norman band is comprised of Chris Schat and Derek Mehl – both long-time band mates in a different project, Walking Relic. Their music is composed mainly by Schat. He started the project as an outlet for songs he had written that didn’t quite fit with the group’s style. The band cites their genre as indie rock.

No other songs precede this single, but the duo has played multiple performances. The band will be showcasing their track tonight in Norman.

Their brand new single,”There’s Nowhere to Go,” is both urgent and emotional. With the repeated insistence of “there’s nowhere to go” and “don’t lose me,” the singer reiterates his plea.

Simple in lyrics, the song focuses mainly on riveting music. With a sound that seems to be influenced by bands like U2, the score contains a rhythm that is as desperate as it is familiar. Rather than telling a story, the song discusses existentialist feelings and themes in the form of tunes only.

It’s the kind of song that carries the listener through the sky – light, almost transparent on the surface, but as dense and capable as the wind.

“There’s Nowhere to Go” is the perfect song for a cool fall day. It brings to mind gray skies and chilly winds. The ending – an echoing, fading conclusion – only reinforces that image.

Check out a teaser trailer of the lyric video for the track below:

Schat and the Skeleton Trees will be performing tonight at Bison Witches & Deli in Norman at 8 pm with Tribesmen and Bobby Chill & the Wave. Be sure to listen to their new track, and follow them on all social media and music streaming sites.

(Click the link below to listen!)

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