Star Catcher Summer Send-Off

Summer 2019 was a busy one for Oklahoma musicians. In our Mid-Year Update, we shared some of the amazing things these artists were working on in the beginning of the year through the beginning of the summer. Since summer is officially over today, September 23, here’s how it ended:

July 2019

  • Kat Lock brought us the wonderful EP that was You Again on July 12.
  • Lately. put out their debut single “Shaky” on July 12. Tulsa-based magazine, Variance, premiered it on July 15, giving the band some extra buzz.
  • Poolboy released their single, “Players Club,” on July 18, just over a month after their self-titled album dropped. The song (and album) earned them a spot on the Make Oklahoma Weirder favorites list.
  • One Two Ten unveiled “Heathers” on July 26 and premiered it at Hollywood Corners in Norman the next night. (Check out pictures from the show in our gallery.)
  • Westering debuted their self titled EP on July 27. What began as a side-project for the members quickly hastened into the main act with this release – the band has spent the last couple of months promoting their music at a smattering of performances.
  • Hoarseman gave us Notre Dame is Burning on July 31, only a couple of months after their previous album, Annihilation. The speed at which the new album was produced did nothing to diminish the excellence of the release.

August 2019

  • Hookup started off August on a high note with the release of their single, “In the Morning” on August 2.
  • The Odyssey book-ended their summer season on August 9 with “Fresh Air.” The band headlined at the Vanguard that night with Hoarseman and the Heard, Jaguarandi, and McAllister; the show, in the words of the masses, “slap[ped] way too hard to not to be mentioned.” (Check out pictures of the performance in our gallery.)
  • Free Association unveiled the self-titled album they had in the works for about a year on August 16.
  • Weston Horn and the Hush released their second album, Vol. II: Don’t Give Up on August 17, further solidifying their spot as a Tulsa favorite.
  • Brooding and Ben Quad made a two-song split called Forever on August 20.
  • Lately. put out their second single, “Feels Real Nice,” on August 22. This summer-soaked song caught the attention of Variance Magazine once again, and a review of it was posted on September 17.
  • Husbands brought us their track, “Mexico,” on August 27. The first single off of their upcoming second EP, the song gave us serious vacation vibes.

September 2019

  • Foxburrows premiered their single, “Shedding Season,” on Friday, September 13. Their performance the next night at The Jones Assembly provided the perfect platform for celebrating the song.
  • Lunar Division launched their self-titled debut album on Friday, September 13. The album featured their previously released single, “In the Dark,” as well as nine other jams.
  • On Holiday dropped their newest single, “Arizona,” on Friday, September 13. Despite the band’s absence from Oklahoma while on tour, On Holiday got to celebrate their song in their home city on September 22 at 89th Street with a stacked lineup.
  • Shoulda Been Blonde released their album, Worth, on Sunday, September 15, after playing at the much-loved MisFest in Tulsa.
  • The Shelter People gave us new music on September 19. Their release of “My Darling Girl/Smokestack Lightnin'” features the blues rock elements the band is known for – and the action of putting out this new single excited many Tulsa fans who had believed the band to be discontinued.
  • Alexis Onyango had us dancing to “Skin Off My Back” on September 20. She threw a release party that night at the Vanguard to celebrate with Saturdaze, Graveyard Party, and douglas.
  • Florence Rose put out their single, “Same Friends,” on September 20. An intense techno-pop track bemoaning the trials of staying friends with your ex, “Same Friends” shares a similar energy with their popular self-titled debut album that was published on April 26 this year.
  • The Sweet Talkers‘ single, “Mixed Signals,” officially graced our ears on September 21. Later that night, the band celebrated it at their release show featuring The Odyssey at The Paramount Room in OKC.

Do you have a favorite that didn’t make our radar? Let us know! Comment below or send an email to

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