One Two Ten Releases New Single, “Heathers”

One Two Ten’s latest single, “Heathers,” is a summer hit as far as we’re concerned.

On Friday, July 26, One Two Ten put out their newest song, “Heathers.” The song is the epitome of summer fun. It’s upbeat and dripping in vacation vibes. The sound is reminiscent of a television score; the lyrics tell a story while the music stays light and positive.

This is the first song the band has released since their full-length album Hurry Up & Wait in April. One Two Ten deviates from the more serious and relatable themes in their album for “Heathers.” Rather than discussing the same issues like love, loss, and mental illness, the band tells their own story that envelops similar themes in a less orthodox way. The story is loosely based on the movie of the same name, Heathers, an obvious fact by the plot of the song.

The release of this song has created a bit of a buzz in the Oklahoma music scene. OkSessions announced the release on July 18, and several bands promoted both the single and the concert on the days surrounding the release date.

The band celebrated their release on Saturday night (July 27) at Hollywood Corners in Norman.

(For more pictures, check out Raw Media By Ali)

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