Mad Honey’s Beautiful New Song,”Blue & You”

Oklahoma City band Mad Honey released “Blue & You” today on all music streaming sites.

“Blue & You” is an ethereal song that progresses as if floating on a river. Low vocals sing sweetly over a flowing, heavy melody. The beat taps easily, its only job to gently push the melody along.

The beginning is a steady tempo with the deep strumming of bass. A low female voice begins to softly croon a love letter, a soothing guitar playing over as the song takes the audience through a dream.

The tempo picks up after the first chorus, a whine of guitar climbing up into the turn of the song, marking the end of the more optimistic part. The new half contains a tinkling of keys with the slightest 80s take. A sadder sound takes over as hope fades into nostalgia.

The bridge is a desperate, expressive rise of guitar that ushers in the final verse – which comes in the form of a promise. The vocalist croons her final goodbye, her promise to remember even “if all the world remains this shade of blue.”

Every second of the song promotes a dreamlike state. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to dance around your bedroom, spinning slow circles like a girl in love.

Each element of the song gives off the impression of floating down a river. There are the soothing, rocking waves in the beginning, and there are the chaotic rapids in the middle – and then the end rolls in with the tide, the sound slowly lapping up on the shore.

Check out Mad Honey on all social media sites, and listen to their newest song below:

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