NeoRomantics Releases “The Devil in the Details”

Today marks the release date for NeoRomantics’ newest single, “The Devil in the Details,” the first song they’ve released since their EP, Homecoming, in 2018.

Yet again, NeoRomantics have put out a melancholy track drenched in the emo rock that they embody.

The song begins in a flurry of sound reminiscent of the crashing of waves. The clashing of the drums and distortion of guitars create a restless energy that keeps your heart thumping. The tempo progresses the song dramatically and quickly, leaving behind a turmoil of indescribable emotions.

In comes the vocals, introducing the main conflict. The vocalist croons searching lyrics desperately and earnestly, setting up an introspective theme not unlike many of the band’s other songs. The hopelessly hopeful quality in his voice as he questions, “If I’m shedding my skin for something new, why does it feel like I’m the only one left to lose?” causes the chorus to plead for answers.

The bridge, filled with layered voices and a rising whine of guitar, ushers in a bittersweet acceptance of what can only be described as irresolution. Instead of giving an answer to the repeated rhetorical question introduced in the chorus, the music soars endlessly in search.

The end echoes into the distance, ringing in the possibility of conclusion without a hint of what it entails.

The song contains intelligent lyrics paired with a whirling, apprehensive melody. Woeful and imploring, it leaves behind resonating questions that settle into your chest causing the inevitable push of the “repeat” button.

NeoRomantics will partake in a regional tour in March. Make sure to follow them on all social media sites for news and updates, and listen to their song below.

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