The Odyssey Releases New Song “I Love You Back”

You may not know it, but if you’ve ever seen The Odyssey live, you’ll have heard this addictive track. Generally the first to be played, the song is the epitome of the band’s particular brand of music.

The lyrics describe a desperate person begging their love not to hurt them. From the beginning, the words, “well, now I’m scared to love you/what happens if you leave,” followed by, “I won’t go wrong/let’s not find out,” set the scene.

The repetition of “don’t do me like that” keeps the message alive as the vocalist pleads. Paired with the up and down vocals, the song throws you into a roller coaster of emotion – creating the perfect introduction at a concert (hence their tendency to begin their shows with it).

The lyrics stay frantic as the vocals pick up in intensity until the vocals stop and the guitar solo starts. It was like that moment, when you’re so emotional, you can’t speak any more, and the only way to communicate the turmoil inside is by screaming. Instead of screaming, though, the band uses a period of just instrumental to push through the climax of emotion.

Then, finally, as is their goal for their newer music, it all ends on a positive note.”I love you. I love you back,” rings the song out, bringing hope to an originally hopeless situation.

However, as interesting as the lyrics are, the coolest part of this song is the instrumental portion. The music practically growls at you, chords resonating deep within your chest (provided you turn the volume up, of course). There’s an edge to it, a touch of anger that prevents the potentially hopeless lyrics from being too whiny.

And if you want to hear some cool guitar playing, 2:49 to 2:59 has your back.

This song is harder than a lot of their other released tracks. It isn’t quite as bluesy. You can hear the exploration of sound and style in it, a reminder that The Odyssey is still figuring out who they are as a band.

However, if this is what they’re capable of in the exploration phase, I think I speak for everyone when I say that they are a band to keep an eye on.

This is the kind of song you will want to play on repeat, I promise.

Check it out on all music streaming sites. If you’d like to know more about The Odyssey and their musical journey, read our interview with them here.

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