Hoarseman releases new single, “Destroy, Destroy”

Today, December 20th, marks the release of Hoarseman’s newest single, “Destroy, Destroy.” The first single since the June EP, Dance Music, the song was recorded with Rose Records and a collection of other people all featured in the Instagram post below. “Destroy, Destroy” is not the angry “destroy all” song you expect it to beContinue reading “Hoarseman releases new single, “Destroy, Destroy””

New from: The Blue Hues

The Blue Hues released their latest single, “Happy As Can Be,” today, December 18th. From Tulsa, The Blue Hues describe themselves as a “jazz inspired synth pop band.” Precluding this new single, the band released both an album, Plastic Jazz, and an earlier demo single, “The Charade,” in August of this year. All are availableContinue reading “New from: The Blue Hues”