One Two Ten releases new single, “Blue Beach House”

Today, August 14, One Two Ten released their latest single, “Blue Beach House.” “Blue Beach House” is the band’s second 2020 single, following their March release, “Say It’s OK.” For the last couple of weeks, the band has been hinting at their new song on social media with cryptic emojis and acronyms. Promising a deviationContinue reading “One Two Ten releases new single, “Blue Beach House””

The Fills release “Negatives” as debut EP

Norman alt rock band The Fills released their debut EP, Negatives, today, April 24. Using influences like The Strokes, White Stripes, Nirvana, and Smashing Pumpkins, the band crafted a five-track EP showcasing their own unique sound. The EP starts with the mellow, introspective sound of “Inverse.” The song is hazy and thoughtful, spilling musings whileContinue reading “The Fills release “Negatives” as debut EP”

One Two Ten brightens the day with new single, “Say It’s OK”

One Two Ten released their latest single, “Say It’s OK,” today, March 27. The first song released since “Heathers” in July, and the first music the band has put out in 2020, the band deviates from their original sound to embrace a more vibrant style of pop rock. An anthem calling for self-acceptance and aContinue reading “One Two Ten brightens the day with new single, “Say It’s OK””

Kat Lock releases “Venus”

Yesterday, March 11, Kat Lock released her latest single, “Venus.” While not her first single of the year, (check out “ruin my l1fe,” a collaboration with LoneMoon), the song is her first solo one since You Again was released last summer. Kat Lock swapped the sarcastic yellow cheer of her last album for a purpleContinue reading “Kat Lock releases “Venus””

Hoarseman releases new single “Nostalgia Song”

Hoarseman released his newest single, “Nostalgia Song,” earlier today. The song is the first of the ten-track album, Dance Music, that will be out June 5 of this year. Dance Music will be the fourth album put out by the artist, and it will feature a new sound within a new genre. All ten songsContinue reading “Hoarseman releases new single “Nostalgia Song””