The Odyssey breaks silence with “Breakout”

Finally, after over a year of staying quiet, The Odyssey has a new track for us. Released on September 24th, “Breakout” follows “I Want You” and precedes an album that has yet to be announced. The song begins in liftoff, launching with gritty guitars and a rock-heavy sound. Restless and energetic, “Breakout” builds up toContinue reading “The Odyssey breaks silence with “Breakout””

Kat Lock releases “Some Recurring Notes”

Today, September 10th, Kat Lock has gifted the world her third EP called Some Recurring Notes. Featuring both last week’s single, “Forever Boy,” and 2020’s “Venus,” this release contains eleven songs and is the longest of the two former collections an existence and You Again. Most of the songs in Some Recurring Notes were writtenContinue reading “Kat Lock releases “Some Recurring Notes””

“Stella Berry” is the summer-wine single you’ve been waiting for

Mahogany Renee released her first single of the year, “Stella Berry,” today, July 23rd, at 4pm CST. Recorded at Oakwood Studios, the single is the first she has put out since April 2020. The artist has released a string of singles over the last couple of years, showcasing her talent for easy-listening ballads. Her latestContinue reading ““Stella Berry” is the summer-wine single you’ve been waiting for”

A review of Jarvix’s “Exorcism”

By Beau Mansfield John Calvin Abney on Instagram just the other day modeled, at a beach somewhere, a simple light-blue one-piece country dress and what I think was a pearl earring. Some of his tattooed left arm was visible. I don’t think there was any intentional humor in it, nor did it strike me asContinue reading “A review of Jarvix’s “Exorcism””

Channel 13’s “Nights Like This” is the official soundtrack for all night drives

Channel 13 released their first EP, Nights Like This, today, September 18. The EP follows their August single, “Place I’m Missing,” and includes two other tracks. The indie pop duo is known for their ability to create brilliant night soundtracks, and the new EP showcases this. Each of the three songs establishes an echoing andContinue reading “Channel 13’s “Nights Like This” is the official soundtrack for all night drives”