The Odyssey breaks silence with “Breakout”

Finally, after over a year of staying quiet, The Odyssey has a new track for us. Released on September 24th, “Breakout” follows “I Want You” and precedes an album that has yet to be announced.

The song begins in liftoff, launching with gritty guitars and a rock-heavy sound. Restless and energetic, “Breakout” builds up to that peak moment where the warning line “I’m on the verge of a breakout” gets you ready to go berserk. The music is the kind that can get anyone on their feet; it’s meant to be played loud.

A true powerhouse of a single, “Breakout” isn’t so much catchy as it is sticky; meaning, you’d sooner find yourself humming the manic melody before singing along to the lyrics. Though, that doesn’t change the fact that the song is impossible to erase from your memory.

Much like last year’s single, “Breakout” signals a deviation in style for the band. With all of the former releases, the band basically just showcased the talents of the two founding members. Now that the band has finalized its five, the two latest singles feature strengths from each musician. The sound is more cohesive and polished; listeners can actually believe the lyrics “I’m on the verge of a breakout” because it actually sounds like the band is ready to make that leap.

“Breakout” is also the perfect single to lead into a brand new album. The hints have been dropped for over a year now, since the 2020 single “I Want You,” and it appears that we may actually be seeing the proposed album before the end of 2021.

The Odyssey will be celebrating their brand new single with a free show at Ponyboy in OKC tonight. The Branches will open at 8pm, and The Odyssey will hit the stage at 9pm. Bring your vaccine card or proof of negative test dated within 72 hours in order to gain entry.

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Thru It All releases “Irrelevant”

Thru It All, a pop punk band from Oklahoma, has a new song out. Released on Nov. 12, “Irrelevant” is the title track of the band’s upcoming EP.

Thru It All is fairly new to the scene. The band popped up back in July on social media with a series of posts showing off their writing process and hyping up their upcoming EP. Their first single, “interlude,” broke through on Sept. 16 and took the scene by storm, growing their listener and fan base quickly.

“Irrelevant” has all of the telltale signs of a pop punk song. The music is sticky – energetic with a hook that loops in your head. The lyrics are both angry and dejected, switching from inner turmoil to lashed out defense in a matter of seconds. You can just imagine a concert featuring “Irrelevant” – with listeners bobbing along to the beat, banging heads and waving arms on rhythm.

While “Irrelevant” was released last week, the music video was delayed until today. You can watch it below:

If you enjoyed the song, you don’t have to wait much longer for the full EP. It’s set for release on Dec. 3 and will feature “Irrelevant.” You can hear the band discuss their writing process by checking out their Instagram:

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On Holiday’s latest EP, “2AM”

I might be late to the party with this one, but On Holiday released their latest EP 2AM on Nov. 5 – and it is a killer.

The second collection of the year following Invasion, 2AM is a five-song piece featuring the same grimy, high-powered sound of their earlier works. Starting with “AUD” and ending with “Coffee Song,” the EP stands at just shy of eleven minutes.

Released as a surprise, the band only started promoting the 2AM in October. There were no singles released ahead. They celebrated with a release show, as is their custom, and you can check out pictures below:

Listening to the EP from start to finish is enough to get your heart rate up. It feels like downing a large coffee; your eyes are wide, your fingers are tapping, and your legs are shaking. The songs are definitely an ode to an all-nighter, leaving the feeling of being wide awake at 2AM buzzing through your body.

On Holiday has always been great when it comes to putting out songs that get you moving; it might not be dance music, but it’s definitely head-banging, pit music. The gritty vocals paired with the grungy melodies are reminiscent of a stereotypical garage band but with a fun energy that makes you want to jump along.

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The Danner Party questions the world with “So Fucking What?”

The Danner Party put out a new song on Oct. 30 called “So Fucking What?” Distributor issues kept the single from being available on all streaming sites until late last week, but it is now available everywhere.

The song is acting as the leading single for the upcoming album, Camel Lion Child, which will be released sometime in the future (date TBA).

The band has already released two previous collections: Ex Nihilo (2020) and The Danner Party (2015). “So Fucking What?” is the first music they’ve released since July 2020.

According to The Danner Party, Camel Lion Child will be their take on a coming of age story. Featuring songs dealing with a disappointing reality, the album overall circles the action of rejecting the shortcomings of life that come with age. With allusions to progressive movements and a deep disdain for people using those movements for their own gain, the album will certainly be an interesting one to dissect and hear.

“So Fucking What?” is a gritty ten-minute track filled with echoing cries and grinding solos. The lyrics attack the angry and spiteful. Disdainful claims of people shooting messengers mix with genuine frustration and grunge-y garage band music.

The song is every bit the commentary of a disappointing reality. Featuring both bleeding hearts and cactus shells, the song pokes holes in arguments unbacked by facts and true feeling. Overall, the song can truly be described by the title as the band begs the question: “so fucking what?”

Listen to the song below and form your own opinion. You can follow The Danner Party on all social media and music streaming sites.

Cavern Company Ends October with Crisp New Single, “Slapstick”

Cavern Company released a new single, “Slapstick,” on Friday, Oct. 29.

“Slapstick” is the first single released by the band in 2021. It’s the third in a chain of loose songs put out by the band after their 2019 EP, So This Is Happiness.

“Slapstick” comes to us exactly one year after Cavern Company released their last single, “Vermont”. Followers of the band have most likely already been aware of the song for awhile as it has made the setlist in earlier performances. Cavern Company also announced the single with a sneak peek on all of their social media a week in advance. Interested parties could hear the original demo when pre-saving the single.

The new song has that telltale Cavern Company flair, spinning stories with echoing melodies and uplifting harmonies. Wrapped in windy nostalgia, “Slapstick” begins by highlighting the differences of two people in a relationship. Skillfully articulate lyrics portray a hopeful maturity. Polished melodies capture a rushing whirlwind of life — complete with ups and downs and half a dozen loops that should make you feel dizzy but don’t.

Listen to the single below. Be sure to follow the band on all social media and music streaming sites.

Stepmom Releases Fierce New Single, “Damage Control”

stepmom has a new single out today, October 15th, called “Damage Control.” The first single released since the band’s 2020 self-titled album, the song is accompanied by a brand new music video in stop motion animation.

Photo by Madelyn Amacher

Tracked by Alex Larrea, mixed by Chris Self, and mastered by Adam Chamberlain, “Damage Control” is a powerful social commentary on body and self-image. The song is an ode to taking control and repairing the damage done by societal expectations and unrealistic body images. With an energetic melody and confident vocals, “Damage Control” acts as a wake up call for people struggling to fit into a world that refuses to make space.

“Damage Control” is vibrant and powerful, and it is sure to liven up anyone’s playlist. The combination of body positivity and musical talent has proven stepmom’s ability to use their platform for good while also putting out great content.

The music video may be even more impressive than the single. Lead singer and guitarist Lindsey Cox made it her pet project for over a year, having learned stop motion animation from professional Nicole Emmons. Under the guidance of Emmons, Cox completed the shots and sent the video over to Jay Shropshire, lighting director at Tower Theatre, to bring the her vision to life. Shropshire added hand-drawn animations to the video to complete it.

The music video itself is a social commentary on the addictive and manipulative nature of social media; more specifically, it discusses the negative effects of influencer culture and the promotion of unrealistic beauty standards by social media and influencers. You can watch the full video below:

You can listen to the song below. Be sure to follow stepmom on all social media and music streaming sites.