Stepmom Releases Fierce New Single, “Damage Control”

stepmom has a new single out today, October 15th, called “Damage Control.” The first single released since the band’s 2020 self-titled album, the song is accompanied by a brand new music video in stop motion animation. Tracked by Alex Larrea, mixed by Chris Self, and mastered by Adam Chamberlain, “Damage Control” is a powerful socialContinue reading “Stepmom Releases Fierce New Single, “Damage Control””

Like Before releases “Can’t Break the Oath”

Like Before released their second EP over the weekend on October 2nd. The three-track EP follows the 2020 collection, Right Where You Should Be. Like Before is a rock band from OKC. Formed in 2019 by Zach Robertson, Alex Nemec, Turner Allen, and Brad Henderson, the group pulls inspiration from the Foo Fighters and LedContinue reading “Like Before releases “Can’t Break the Oath””