The Odyssey breaks silence with “Breakout”

Finally, after over a year of staying quiet, The Odyssey has a new track for us. Released on September 24th, “Breakout” follows “I Want You” and precedes an album that has yet to be announced.

The song begins in liftoff, launching with gritty guitars and a rock-heavy sound. Restless and energetic, “Breakout” builds up to that peak moment where the warning line “I’m on the verge of a breakout” gets you ready to go berserk. The music is the kind that can get anyone on their feet; it’s meant to be played loud.

A true powerhouse of a single, “Breakout” isn’t so much catchy as it is sticky; meaning, you’d sooner find yourself humming the manic melody before singing along to the lyrics. Though, that doesn’t change the fact that the song is impossible to erase from your memory.

Much like last year’s single, “Breakout” signals a deviation in style for the band. With all of the former releases, the band basically just showcased the talents of the two founding members. Now that the band has finalized its five, the two latest singles feature strengths from each musician. The sound is more cohesive and polished; listeners can actually believe the lyrics “I’m on the verge of a breakout” because it actually sounds like the band is ready to make that leap.

“Breakout” is also the perfect single to lead into a brand new album. The hints have been dropped for over a year now, since the 2020 single “I Want You,” and it appears that we may actually be seeing the proposed album before the end of 2021.

The Odyssey will be celebrating their brand new single with a free show at Ponyboy in OKC tonight. The Branches will open at 8pm, and The Odyssey will hit the stage at 9pm. Bring your vaccine card or proof of negative test dated within 72 hours in order to gain entry.

Be sure to listen to “Breakout” below. Follow The Odyssey on all social media and music streaming sites.

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