Florence Rose & BedTime release “Someone New”

Oklahoma bands Florence Rose and BedTime teamed up for their released song, “Someone New,” on Friday, January 22.

“Someone New” is the first music from Florence Rose of 2021, following the December 2020 single, “Feelin’ It.” It is the second released song of 2021 for BedTime, following their January 15 single, “Roses.”

Originally written at the beginning of last year, the song was meant to be pick-me-up summer song to get through the winter season. Released a year later during the same gloomy season, the single serves as exactly that: a pick-me-up to help their fans through the gray, cold days. The song was produced at Rose Recording.

Upbeat and summery, the song denotes a relationship gone wrong and ultimately watching the person be with someone else. While the lyrics and vocals echo with subdued emotion, the sun-soaked melody is warm and invites dancing, laughter, and general summer fun.

You can listen to the song below. Be sure to check out both Florence Rose and BedTime on all social media and music streaming sites.

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