Club Sinister debuts new self-titled EP

Kansas City project Club Sinister just put out their latest album today.

A self-titled collection, it is the band’s first released EP under the name “Club Sinister.” The project consists of two members — Alex Horton and Ian Weidner. Originally from Tulsa, the two relocated to Kansas City a couple of years ago and are now taking a more professional approach to their music. The duo introduced themselves as Club Sinister on Halloween of last year, following it up with the debut single, “Beyond Bleeding,” on November 20th. Their second single “Sheol” came out on December 18th and was premiered by Kansas City’s The Pitch.

Described as “goth-tinged, obscure, and mysterious,” the band’s music pulls from indie rock and metal influences. Utilizing their experiences in various bands, Club Sinister’s goal is to create unique and genre-defying music.

Club Sinister consists of six songs and includes the two previously mentioned singles, “Sheol” and “Beyond Bleeding.” The leading track, “Back from the Grave” launches into a haunting melody from the start; sadly soothing, the track sounds straight out of the ending credits of a ghost movie.

The theme seems pretty clear from right off the bat with “Back from the Grave.” Using haunting melodies that seem to echo and bounce, the band creates a dark, harrowing feeling not unlike that of walking through the night without the guidance of light. Bleak and gloomy emotions rise and fall with the melodies as each track tells its piece of the story.

You can listen to the new EP from Club Sinister below. Be sure to check the band out on all social media and music streaming sites.

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