Beachfriends release “Slide”

Tulsa band Beachfriends released their 3rd single, “Slide,” on January 28th. Beachfriends debuted as a band in July of 2020 with the released of their single, “Waves.” Their second track, “NVM,” came out in September of 2020 with great excitement; both singles had, at that point, been picked up by Spotify’s Release Radar and DiscoverContinue reading “Beachfriends release “Slide””

Florence Rose & BedTime release “Someone New”

Oklahoma bands Florence Rose and BedTime teamed up for their released song, “Someone New,” on Friday, January 22. “Someone New” is the first music from Florence Rose of 2021, following the December 2020 single, “Feelin’ It.” It is the second released song of 2021 for BedTime, following their January 15 single, “Roses.” Originally written atContinue reading “Florence Rose & BedTime release “Someone New””

Club Sinister debuts new self-titled EP

Kansas City project Club Sinister just put out their latest album today. A self-titled collection, it is the band’s first released EP under the name “Club Sinister.” The project consists of two members — Alex Horton and Ian Weidner. Originally from Tulsa, the two relocated to Kansas City a couple of years ago and areContinue reading “Club Sinister debuts new self-titled EP”

Tulsa’s Hyperpop Star: Rainbeaux

By: Elizabeth J. Wenger Tulsa-based hyperpop artist Rainbeaux released her second single, “Heart Sparkle Gleam” on January 15th. This song will lead you on a sonic journey from the sugary sparkle of a wand, to a heavy metal interlude.  For sound, Rainbeaux cites a number of other hyperpop artists as inspirations including Fresh Hex, LauraContinue reading “Tulsa’s Hyperpop Star: Rainbeaux”