Hoarseman releases new single, “Destroy, Destroy”

Today, December 20th, marks the release of Hoarseman’s newest single, “Destroy, Destroy.” The first single since the June EP, Dance Music, the song was recorded with Rose Records and a collection of other people all featured in the Instagram post below. “Destroy, Destroy” is not the angry “destroy all” song you expect it to beContinue reading “Hoarseman releases new single, “Destroy, Destroy””

New from: The Blue Hues

The Blue Hues released their latest single, “Happy As Can Be,” today, December 18th. From Tulsa, The Blue Hues describe themselves as a “jazz inspired synth pop band.” Precluding this new single, the band released both an album, Plastic Jazz, and an earlier demo single, “The Charade,” in August of this year. All are availableContinue reading “New from: The Blue Hues”

Charlotte Bumgarner’s “Honey Touch”

Tulsa singer-songwriter Charlotte Bumgarner released her single, “Honey Touch,” on Friday, December 11th. Charlotte Bumgarner has been an active member of the Tulsa scene for about 2-3 years performing both as a solo artist and as a member in the band Graveyard Party. She specializes in “quiet music,” encouraging her listeners to lean in closeContinue reading “Charlotte Bumgarner’s “Honey Touch””

A review of Jarvix’s “Exorcism”

By Beau Mansfield John Calvin Abney on Instagram just the other day modeled, at a beach somewhere, a simple light-blue one-piece country dress and what I think was a pearl earring. Some of his tattooed left arm was visible. I don’t think there was any intentional humor in it, nor did it strike me asContinue reading “A review of Jarvix’s “Exorcism””

Swim Fan debuts new music video for “Tell Me What U Want”

Swim Fan debuted their music video for the December release, “Tell Me What U Want,” today, December 4th. “Tell Me What U Want” is the band’s third single of 2020, following “Come Over” and “Lipstick,” and came out on December 1st. According to the band, the song is about “having a fight with an ex,Continue reading “Swim Fan debuts new music video for “Tell Me What U Want””