Summer Album Catch-Up

Some of you may have noticed yesterday’s Day 1 Summer Single Catch-Up only included singles. I decided to split the catch-up into two days so I could comment on the albums. The effort put into the EPs/albums below is obvious. Each band/musician put their best foot forward to create their masterpieces, and this deserves to be celebrated.

May 2020

  • May 7 –
    • The Backward Few: Love, TBF
      • Filled to the brim with loud emotions, The Backward Few’s third EP is intense. With five songs of crashing instrumentals, honest lyrics tripping and tumbling one over the other, Love, TBF is fierce and passionate.
  • May 8 –
    • Endless Forms: More Than Candy
      • Trembling melodies and whispered vocals give this album a dreamlike quality. Each song drifts into the next, like fog settling over a lake. Eerie and alluring, the music is sifts through the fog, telling stories of exhaustion and burn-out emotions.
  • May 22 –
    • Kat Lock: an existence
      • Spilling out like the contents of a diary, Lock’s second collection of songs is both vulnerable and soulful. Where in her last collection (You Again) Lock sings with a girlish, sarcastic tone, covering up her real troubles with humor, this album contains a peek into her inner thoughts — while still poking fun at her flaws as well as everyone else’s.

June 2020

  • June 5 –
    • Hoarseman: Dance Music
      • Deeply personal and extremely relatable, the album delves into the whirlwind that is coming to age in 2020. With songs discussing the age-old dilemma of moving on from the person you were in high school and the frustration of activism in a largely apathetic society, the album is sure capture attention from the start and hold tightly.

July 2020

  • July 17 –
    • The Ivy: We Move Faster at Night
      • Aptly named, the album gives off long-night-drive vibes. Each song creates the perfect soundtrack for speeding down the highway in the dark. Spanning concepts of taking chances, falling in love, and general nostalgia, the EP is captivating and upbeat.

August 2020

  • August 7 –
    • Net: Terminals
      • Electric and spunky, Net gives an echoing performance for their second EP. The songs reverberate, bouncing between ears, as they tell their electric story.

As always, let me know if I’ve missed your favorites. Send inquiries to, or message us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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