New from Pabu:

Pabu added another song to their catalog today; “Limacine” is the second released track for the band, following their January hit, “Afternoon.”

The title, “Limacine,” means “of, relating to, or resembling a slug,” and it is fitting. The song trudges through with a heavy sound, dragging dark thoughts and bemoaning the distance from warmth.

A ballad of loneliness with religious undertones, the song is rife with seasonal despair and regret of sin. Grumbling vocals paired with stormy melodies create an anthem of bitterness. For five minutes, the song aligns perfectly with the end of a long, difficult day; setting sun before you as you try to summon the hope that tomorrow will be better, battling cynicism and grief together.

As of right now, Pabu will be celebrating their release on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) at The Paramount Room.

Be sure to check out Pabu on all social media and music streaming sites, and listen to “Limacine” today:

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