Kat Lock releases “Venus”

Yesterday, March 11, Kat Lock released her latest single, “Venus.” While not her first single of the year, (check out “ruin my l1fe,” a collaboration with LoneMoon), the song is her first solo one since You Again was released last summer.

Kat Lock swapped the sarcastic yellow cheer of her last album for a purple aesthetic at the beginning of the year, a change that seems to show in her new music. Rather than staying surface-deep with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and girly pop melodies, her new single takes on a deeper, melancholic style.

“Venus” features a dreamy melody with lilting vocals that bring a haze of confusion and frustration. Speaking of a failed relationship, the song questions the validity of the romance and delves into the deeper complications of craving toxicity and drama.

If a color could be used to describe the song, it would definitely be an intense shade of violet, falling right in with the new look. Hazy and intense, the song brings an image of sinking through soft purple clouds – a pretty and terrifying fall.

Kat Lock explains the back story below:

Check out the new song below and be sure to follow Kat Lock on all social media.

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