Hoarseman releases new single “Nostalgia Song”

Hoarseman released his newest single, “Nostalgia Song,” earlier today. The song is the first of the ten-track album, Dance Music, that will be out June 5 of this year.

Dance Music will be the fourth album put out by the artist, and it will feature a new sound within a new genre. All ten songs will be more “funk” and “rock” influenced and will center around a theme that is “more socially aware” and “more concerned with telling a story.” The goal of the album is to “talk about issues [that are] inherent in modern life.”

According to Hoarseman, “the song is really in step with the vibe of the album.”

“The song specifically focuses on our fetishizing of the past and how that can be detrimental to our mental well-being and our cultural identity,” he says.

“Nostalgia Song” begins with a melancholic melody highlighting distinctive memories of a past relationship. A calm beat taps away as memories paint their story within the music – with lyrics switching between heavy nostalgia and the growing realization that living in the past will lead you blindly to the grave.

The tone begins with a yellow old-picture hue, reminiscing important moments from another time, painting the bad parts in gold. Gradually, the color fades as a more mature tone sets in, aligning with the chorus of “nostalgia will kill you.” The memories go gray with lyrics coloring the moments in with dim hues.

With this change comes a change in sound; around the four-minute mark, the music sounds like it’s coming from an old radio. The music shifts back to normal, but the melody is a bit more upbeat – almost like the lesson as been learned. The song shuffles out like an old man twirling a cane and whistling a nostalgic tune; it wraps up with a repeated chorus reinforcing the message.

Check out Hoarseman on all social media and be sure to listen to the song below:

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