Channel 13 premieres a new single and music video

OKC duo Channel 13 is set to release a new single, “Uneasy,” tonight (February 6) at 9 pm. The single will be accompanied by a music video – the first ever music video for the two.

Channel 13 consists of Sam Marino and Saxon Bryant. The band is releasing “Uneasy” as the first of three singles set between February and May of 2020. Citing influences of Phil Collins, HONNE, and Foster the People, the two draw from dynamic sounds and vivid emotions to create a unique alt-pop style.

The single, “Uneasy,” is a trembling, unsteady song seemingly following a broken relationship. Desperately emotional yet brilliantly contained, the song describes the unsure feeling of chasing after the unattainable. A catchy, ringing chorus keeps the song vibrant and alive in the listener’s mind long after the last note ends.

A statement from the band claims that Marino and Bryant are “using the seemingly one-sided romance as a metaphor for [their] relationship with songwriting while highlighting the emotions of chasing after unattainable desires.” The duality of the song’s themes only further insists the uniqueness of the song itself.

The music video follows two individuals through a house party, each unsure of where their relationship stands. Masked figures within the house provide the “uneasy” and anxiety-ridden vibe that accompanies the song. As the song develops, the video shows the two in the “hit-and-miss” part of a broken relationship, where both stand on unsteady ground and neither seem to be going in the same direction. This same theme progresses with the couple leaving separately and going off on their own, only to meet up at the end. The video drops off, leaving the results up to the viewer’s imagination.

Both the song and video will premiere tonight at 9 pm and will be available everywhere tomorrow, February 7th. Channel 13 will also be performing on February 29th at Lynn Riggs Theatre at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center as a part of the mini-concert series “Tulsa Little Jam.” More information is available on their Facebook page.

Channel 13 will be releasing updates about future performances soon, so be sure to check them out on all social media and music streaming sites.

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