New music from cursetheknife

On Friday, January 31st, OKC band cursetheknife released two songs on Bandcamp.

The band, cursetheknife, released two songs on January 31st on Bandcamp as part of their musical debut.

Though the band has technically been together since last year, it has been a side project for most of the members – some of which also split their time with Brooding and Mad Honey. Already, the group has played a handful of shows in the OKC area, with their next performance occurring tomorrow with Shady Bug, Tim Buchanan Band, and DJ Tall Baby.

The songs, “too solid too flesh” and “cursetheknife,” are actually just demos – a taste of what is to come. Both were recorded live on January 20 of this year, deviating from the muscians’ usual procedure (according to an interview done with Lovers Spit Magazine).

The first, “too solid too flesh,” is somehow both heavy and ethereal. Using gliding instrumentals that crash and roar, a chaotic feeling is established. Contained vocals give the chaos a distant narrative, but the lyrics are obviously not the forefront of the song. Instead, the music takes over to tell the story – a story of chaos, of distant nightmares – of roaring emotions that can’t be described with words.

The second, “cursetheknife,” is louder and longer than the former track. Sitting at just under seven minutes, the song goes through multiple phases. Moments of sedated rage are followed by trembling fury; again, restrained vocals are paired with more outspoken melodies to create a vibrant sound.

You can listen to the two demos here. Be sure to check out cursetheknife on all social media, and see them live tomorrow night in OKC (more info below).

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