DIVA debuts new music

Tomorrow, February 1st, DIVA will release their debut EP, Spirit Shaker.

Hailing from Norman and consisting of Dante Frame (guitar and vocals), Dillon Polston (bass and backing vocals), and Reece Carmen (drums), DIVA broke into the Oklahoma music scene late last fall. Their first ever performance came on January 3rd with Sophia Massad and Callboys at Resonator in Norman.

The EP, Spirit Shaker, holds four songs: “Follow Me,” “Hiding,” “Dillon’s Song,” and the title track, “Spirit Shaker.”

“Follow Me” is the first on the list, a move likely made as an invitation for listeners to “follow” the band into a journey. The track itself seems to describe a sinking relationship — with a last ditch effort to keep the ship afloat. A catchy chorus of “follow, follow me” will keep the song reverberating in your head long after it ends.

“Hiding” follows with wailing vocals and an easy, groovy melody. A different take on love and life finds the band “hiding in the night” rather than facing the day.

The second to last track, “Dillon’s Song,” features shifting vocals and a more dance-y sound. Upbeat and bouncing, the song requests movement and dancing; you can’t get the full affect without at least tapping your foot.

Finally, the title track, “Spirit Shaker,” ties the whole EP together. Addressing depression and mental health with personal anecdotes on how it relates to their lives, the song is more mellow than the former ones. “Spirit Shaker” eventually transcends into a more positive sound with an ending self-reflection.

The EP was recorded and produced by Ricardo Sasaki at Ares Recording in OKC and officially hits music streaming sites tomorrow, February 1st. DIVA will be celebrating the release tomorrow night, as well, at Step Brothers in Norman at 8 pm with Opakue Kollective, The Sweet Talkers, and Kauri.

You can keep up with the band on all social media. Be sure to listen to Spirit Shaker when it comes out.

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