All for More releases a new single

Yesterday (January 10), All for More released their latest single, “Listen Closely.”

“Listen Closely” is the first music released since their single, “Stay Faded,” in June. Diverging from the “sell-your-soul” aspect of the summer number, the new song takes on a more serious theme as the band tries their hand at commenting on current conflicts. The result is actually very impressive.

A guitar-heavy track featuring themes of political strife and turmoil, the song is a frustrated call for open ears. It is essentially a plea for others to listen before shooting the messenger; defensive lyrics like “I’m not the one who brought this war to your shores/no, I’m not the one who spilled your brother’s blood” prove anger as unfounded and demand a calmer approach.

The accompaniment only highlights the urgency of the song. Jagged and stressed, the music propels the message and enunciates the underlying anguish.

All for More premiered the song last night at the Vanguard with Rogues Among Us, A Mixtape Catastrophe, and Oceanaut. Their next concert will be with Murder By Love on February 21 at 40 West Bar & Grill in Yukon.

You can further support the band by voting for them for the Tulsa Music Awards. Be sure to catch them in concert (for a calendar of events, click here) and don’t forget to listen to their new single below:

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