My Heart and Liver are the Best of Friends ring in the new year with a new single

January 1st is the commonly chosen starting point for new styles, new habits – or, new year, new you. One Tulsa band, My Heart and Liver are the Best of Friends, chose January 1st for new music.

The single, “I’m Too Insecure to Go Swimming,” is the first off of their upcoming self-titled EP. The EP will not be released until January 24 and will consist of five emo-infused tracks. It will be the first collection they’ve put out since their 2018 split with Ben Quad, Split (available on Bandcamp and Spotify).

Fast-paced and honest, the song reveals a stream of insecurities while an anxious tune drones along. Anger and frustration both rear their heads, thinly masking the fear and shame hiding in the lyrics. The song aches for a new beginning while clinging to past doubts and self-loathing.

My Heart and Liver are the Best of Friends sang away their goodbyes to 2019 at the Vanguard on Monday, December 30 with Short Fictions, Origami Angel, and Ben Quad. Playing to an excited crowd, the band hyped their fans up for the upcoming single and EP while giving their farewell to the passing year.

(Not that the goodbye was glum, of course – the band ended the year with a Tulsa Music Awards nomination for Rock/Alternative Artist of Year and the promise of new music.)

Their first show of 2020 will be at Mass Movement Community Arts with Slow Mass, Downward, and Charlotte Bumgarner on January 16.

You can currently only stream the new track on Bandcamp. However, My Heart and Liver are the Best of Friends can be found on all social media. Be sure to listen to the new single and check back on January 24 for the new EP.

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