DIVA debuts new music

Tomorrow, February 1st, DIVA will release their debut EP, Spirit Shaker. Hailing from Norman and consisting of Dante Frame (guitar and vocals), Dillon Polston (bass and backing vocals), and Reece Carmen (drums), DIVA broke into the Oklahoma music scene late last fall. Their first ever performance came on January 3rd with Sophia Massad and CallboysContinue reading “DIVA debuts new music”

Pabu releases their debut single, “Afternoon”

Today, January 21, Pabu released their brand new single, “Afternoon.” The OKC alternative rock band hasn’t been around for long, and today marks the first recorded single to be released on all platforms. With almost no notice at all, Pabu dropped “Afternoon” early this morning with only the post below: The lyrics seem to describeContinue reading “Pabu releases their debut single, “Afternoon””

Florence Rose releases “Just Relax”

On Friday, January 17, Florence Rose released their latest single, “Just Relax.” A teenage love song designed to provide an escape from a stressed mindset, “Just Relax” is catchy and filled with good intentions. The song is told from the perspective of a concerned boyfriend trying in vain to convince his mentally-strained girlfriend to relax.Continue reading “Florence Rose releases “Just Relax””

New music from Objects in Space

On Friday, January 10, Objects in Space released their single, “Roses Grow from Shells.” Formerly known as Seasonal, the OKC band changed their name to Objects in Space on December 15. This is the first song released under that name. Less than 48 hours after the change, “Roses Grow from Shells” was given a musicContinue reading “New music from Objects in Space”

All for More releases a new single

Yesterday (January 10), All for More released their latest single, “Listen Closely.” “Listen Closely” is the first music released since their single, “Stay Faded,” in June. Diverging from the “sell-your-soul” aspect of the summer number, the new song takes on a more serious theme as the band tries their hand at commenting on current conflicts.Continue reading “All for More releases a new single”