New Split from Ben Quad and Sweet Peach

On December 14, Ben Quad released their latest project: a split with Maryland band Sweet Peach called Let’s Split Up.

The collaboration was first premiered by The Alternative on December 12 and features two songs by each band. The title itself is a clever play on words both for the split EP and for the obvious differences in the bands’ sounds.

Ben Quad’s “I’m No Loon” begins the collection. With a soft, almost soothing beginning, the song quickly transcends into an emotional cry of frustration and confusion. An ode to the title, the reigning plot is that of two people in the process of splitting up – and not being happy about it.

“A Tech You Can’t Deck Out” starts with wise words from Ben Quad as they “give a lesson.” The song is short (only a minute-and-thirty-seven-seconds), but it’s packed with fuzzy, fun sounds that tangle together in a strangely cohesive way.

In true Ben Quad fashion, the songs sound chaotic, sending the listener spinning through layers of vocals and instrumental clashes and riffs. Emotionally honest lyrics oppose the calculated and upbeat music to create a thoroughly invigorating experience.

Sweet Peach follows with their “The Boys Are Still in Town” and “Ten of Swords.” Where Ben Quad paints their songs with pop punk and math rock influences, Sweet Peach falls prey to their gray emo urges for their half of the collection.

The clear divide in sound is presented when “A Tech You Can’t Deck Out” switches to “The Boys Are Still in Town.” More emo than the former tracks, the song asks blunt, emotional questions over a depressed static.

“Ten of Swords” is pure anguish. Roughly emotional and deeply entrancing, the song tugs the listener through levels of pain and heartbreak. It, like Sweet Peach’s first track, contains heavy breakdowns and bleeding openness.

Check out Ben Quad and Sweet Peach on all social media and music streaming sites. Be sure to listen to their split below, and catch them at a show near you:

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