New: Music from Burl

The band, Burl, recently added two new singles, “Taking the Heat” and “Everything You Ever Ate,” to their catalog.

From the OKC area, Burl is a self-described indie/soft rock band. Their latest singles that came out today, October 31, bring their songs on Spotify up to three. Despite their limited recordings, the band has already begun to grow a steady fan base – if their numerous mentions in Instagram stories and an upcoming interview with Lovers Spit Magazine are any indication, that is.

“Taking the Heat” is quintessentially a soft rock song. A steady, almost somber beat is paired with lyrics that beg someone to “take the heat” for them. Simple in concept, the song seems to highlight stress and anxiety, describing the moment where the weight on your shoulders grows too heavy for you to carry alone.

The second track, “Everything You Ever Ate,” seems to be some sort of parody. Beginning with a dark, “everything you ever ate lives inside of you,” and warbled music, the song makes the perfect Halloween track. While it sticks with the soft rock elements in “Taking the Heat,” the song has seriously spooky vibes.

Check out Burl on all social media and music streaming sites, and be sure to listen to their new music below:

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