The True CW & His “Night Out”

On October 10, Christopher Watkins (AKA The True CW) released his single, “A Night Out.”

Originally from Chicago, the young Hip Hop artist has since brought his keen ideas and musical prowess to OKC. His latest single, “A Night Out,” has been met with open arms and eager ears, hitting more than 2,000 streams on Spotify alone within the first couple of weeks.

The single includes an alternative approach to Hip Hop – a catchy beat mixes with an almost eerie track to create a unique sound. With verses meant to uplift, the backing track only reinforces the message of empowerment.

The song itself describes going out and going places. Beginning with lines discussing staying in and going crazy, the single progresses into the eventual process of actually spending the “night out.” With words meant to prompt people to have fun and live life, the song has an upbeat message and sound.

Check out The True CW on all social media and music streaming sites, and be sure to listen to his newest song below:

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