Mad Honey’s “Theories” is a Fall Favorite

Last Friday, October 11, Mad Honey released their newest collection, Theories, much to our excitement.

We featured Mad Honey last spring when the band put out their single, “Blue & You” and have been fans ever since. The OKC band has spent the last couple of months promoting their EP and playing various shows all over. Their next performance is on Friday, October 18, at Paramount Room in OKC.

Theories begins with a short, two-minute prelude in the form of “MAD.” Brief and dreamy, the song introduces the psychedelic dream pop sound of the EP. Warbled vocals are combined with a surreal score that truly belongs in a Twin Peaks reboot.

Next on the list is “Euphoria.” Sweet and fast-paced, this song is probably the best of the EP. It’s urgent and desperate, filled with promises of “euphoria” and requests to run away. There is a sad undertone that only highlights the urgency, whispering of broken promises.

Following is the slowly spinning ballad that is “Arms.” A tale of lost love is told in a nostalgic daydream; lyrics are practically murmured in a sweet, low tone. The music seems to twirl, accompanying the vocals in a dance of melancholy.

“Old Blood” brings a sad nightmarish vibe. The twisting music collaborates with depressing lyrics to create a scary dream. Perhaps there are no zombies or vampires, but talk of no souls can elevate any song to terrifying status.

The second to last track on the list calls for a change in sound. “Strangers” is much more upbeat, compared to the preceding songs. A ringing chorus makes the song stick out, keeping it at the forefront of your mind.

The title track, “Theories,” finishes the EP on the same surreal note it started. Breathy and swaying, it sings us “to other worlds.” Like the end credits of a movie, “Theories” seems to sum the whole collection up, with influences from the other songs seeping through.

Theories is a sleepy, surreal EP that showcases the unique sound Mad Honey has cultivated. Various elements work cohesively to create a coherent dream pop sound, dabbling in psychedelic undertones.

Check out Mad Honey on all social media and music streaming sites, and be sure to listen to their new EP below:

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