On Holiday Performs at Punk Rock Social

Last week (Sunday, September 22), On Holiday ended their tour at 89th Street in OKC with a killer lineup. The Punk Rock Social Mini Fest included the bands Irrational Consumers, Ben Quad, On Holiday, Cliffdiver, When the Clock Strikes, and The Big News, in that order.

On Holiday is a self-described punk/rock/ska band. The three-piece includes guitarist and vocalist Aaron Miller, bassist and vocalist, Skyler FlyingOut, and drummer Jon Michael Jackson. The group had an EP called Going Mad come out back in March, and they recently released a new single, “Arizona,” on September 13.

On Holiday frequently tours, so having them back in OKC so shortly after their new song dropped was a special treat.

From the beginning of their set, it was like they came alive on the stage. Friends in the crowd catcalled and cracked jokes with the band members throughout the performance, keeping the atmosphere fun and friendly.

They started the show with their song, “Fuck If I Know.” In that moment, it was clear that this was the ultimate rock show. The air was electric with people bouncing and dancing in the crowd – the band wore huge grins as they moved onstage – it was brilliant. And it stayed that way through the rest of the performance.

The songs, in order, were as followed:

  1. Fuck If I Know
  2. Seattle to Chicago
  3. Arizona
  4. Rock Show (Blink 182 cover)
  5. Hey Look
  6. Ska Song
  7. Better Than This
  8. Going Mad

The music itself was good, but the energy was what made it great. This wasn’t a show where everyone knew every word to every song; there were six bands, and all of them attracted their own fans. Still, everyone sang along to their cover of “Rock Show,” and the band managed to get the crowd to sing “whoa” at the end of “Hey Look.”

While the audience may not have had On Holiday’s entire catalog memorized, they definitely enjoyed the music. Some overzealous fans took advantage of an empty space at the back and danced along wildly in an non-choreographed fashion.

All in all, it was a great show. Once the last song ended, and the band started taking down their equipment, the crowd began to sing “Happy Birthday” to drummer Jon Michael Jackson.

I spoke briefly with members of the group after, and the show was schedules specifically for his birthday. He chose the bands because they were personal favorites – he claims, “It was a birthday present to myself.”

Check out On Holiday on all social media and music streaming sites. Be sure to catch them at a performance near you – you won’t regret it.

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