Introducing Tulsa’s Newest Band, Saturdaze

Tulsa has a new band hitting the city, and it’s one with familiar faces. The band, Saturdaze, has played several shows together already – both under this name and as backup for their front-man’s solo project. Saturdaze began in April of this year. Originally, they came together as backup for front-man Max Spear; however, afterContinue reading “Introducing Tulsa’s Newest Band, Saturdaze”

Free Association Debuts Their Self-Titled Album

Free Association is a new-ish rock band from Tulsa that began in January 2018. The band formed as an outlet for songs Joshua Ricks had written and grew from there with the addition of the rest of the band. The name “free association” was picked because it emulates the freedom and lack of instruction inContinue reading “Free Association Debuts Their Self-Titled Album”

The Odyssey Ends Summer With “Fresh Air”

At the beginning of the summer, The Odyssey unveiled the bop that is “Lately” in the hopes of giving us our summer anthem. So, of course they had to end the summer with yet another bop. After teasing all summer with the promise of new music, the band will finally make their newest single, “FreshContinue reading “The Odyssey Ends Summer With “Fresh Air””

Hookup’s “In the Morning” Brings End-of-Summer Blues

Tomorrow, August 2nd, OKC band Hookup will release their new song, “In the Morning” – and with it, a wave of end-of-summer blues. The song itself is apparently not a sad one. It was written about a trip to New Mexico that one of the members took with a girlfriend. In fact, the lyrics soundContinue reading “Hookup’s “In the Morning” Brings End-of-Summer Blues”