Trevor McBane Releases New Single, “Blame It On the Rain”

Trevor McBane, former American Idol contestant from Southeastern Oklahoma, released his latest single, “Blame It On the Rain” this morning (July 20), and it definitely showcases his talent.

The song begins with a resonating line that immediately introduces the idea of “blame it on the rain.” The sound bounces around for a moment as he sets up the tone before leading into the first verse. Paying homage to the small town stereotype of “fake faces” and the ever-present desire to “get out of this town,” the song encourages positivity even as the imagery remains dreary and gray.

The song continues with McBane’s low melodious voice staying soft as the song delves into deeper, more serious meanings. Desperation leaks into his vocals, and 2:10 marks the change with a new, pleading tone.

About forty-five seconds before the song ends, McBane’s voice becomes agitated and more desperate. He ends with the same reverberating sound from the beginning, like a brush of a gong with a muffled, cotton-swathed hammer.

The song is a perfect example of the talent that landed him a spot on American Idol and granted him compliments from several high-ranking musicians.

Check out Trevor McBane on all social media and music streaming sites, and make sure to listen to “Blame It On the Rain.” McBane will also be performing at the Vanguard in Tulsa with Guys on a Bus on July 27.

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