Golden Ones Attempt to Revive Rock ‘N’ Roll with “Hot Lunch”

Golden Ones, a rock band from Tulsa, released their debut EP, Hot Lunch, on Bandcamp earlier this year (April 19th) and it’s definitely one for the books.

The EP is electrifying; pure rock combined with punk attitude make for an invigorating listen from start to finish. It’s familiar in that their influences are recognizable (elements from David Bowie, Alice Cooper, etc. are very much evident in the songs), yet every bit of it is refreshingly original and new.

This EP isn’t for picking apart. There are no meanings to piece together and decipher. Everything is fairly straightforward. Instead of toying with elaborate metaphors, layered melodies, and clean vocals, the band implements clashes and growls and rebellious behavior – everything that can be found in a classic rock song.

For Golden Ones, it’s all about how the music makes you feel; surface deep lyrics that give Sarah Dickenson an excuse to show off her powerful and wailing voice find themselves unable to measure up to the electric instrumentals. Instead, the music rains down on the listener, a wave that refuses to be denied; and yet, upon its abrupt departure, it leaves the listener gasping for more with parched ears.

Each song is pure rock’n’roll. There’s a flair to the grinding and growling of the instruments, a hint of drama mixed in the melodies, that brings out the rebel in the artists. From grizzly discussion of the underbelly of glamorous rock in the opening track, “Cycle,” to the glitzy love song that is “Ain’t Nothin’ Better,” the collection relates to every aspect of a dream rock star life.

The EP consists of five songs. The band released one of them, “Ain’t Nothin’ Better,” earlier in the year as a single to give us a taste of their chosen sound. The five are all that the band has released as of yet since their conception in 2017. However, despite their shallow catalog, the band admitted in an interview with Preview 918 that they have a decent arsenal at their disposal but were choosing to work on live shows while slowly releasing a couple of singles before actually recording new music.

Golden Ones will be playing tonight, June 14th, at Soul City in Tulsa at 9 pm. Check them out on all social media and music streaming sites and make sure to listen to Hot Lunch.

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