The Sweet Talkers Break Out with “Electric Affair”

Oklahoma City band The Sweet Talkers released their debut EP, Electric Affair, today, May 31st. It was recorded with Johnny Manchild, who will be making an appearance to play keys for one of the songs at their next performance. The band describes themselves as Alt-Rock and New Wave with influences from The Killers, New Order, and Joy Division.

The EP is a high-powered collection of synth-infused rock’n’roll songs. Consisting of five tracks, the EP is the embodiment of “electric affair” – it drips with electrifying hits that combine off-the-wall lyrics with dance and electronic rock elements. Each track denotes its own meaning; yet, taken as a collection, the EP is conceptual. It speaks of a love affair, with hints at other meanings that are open for interpretation.

“Physical Desires” is the first on the list. A grinding song with a fast pace, the song outlines giving in to “physical desires.” It sets the tone for the rest of the EP with a sound reminiscent of something from The Killers. The song is like driving as fast as you can at night and watching the lights blur by – it’s bright and brilliant and blinding.

“Cold Feelings” comes next. Moving from an admission of attraction, this song expresses deeper, unrequited feelings. There’s some resentment mixed in as the lyrics insult the girl, calling her a “hurricane with dull brown eyes” and “a drama queen with a bad disguise.” While it mentions “cold feelings” that he can live through, the anger shows that he hasn’t quite moved on and that the feelings aren’t quite so cold.

“Answer Your Phone” is the stalker song every band needs. It tells of someone tracking down their potentially cheating girlfriend, saying, “You can run/you can hide/tell me lies/but I’ll find you.” It’s obsessive, it’s controlling – and it’s heartbreaking. The vocalist is clearly, at the very least, infatuated with this girl. While his love is debatable, he obviously wants her to himself and worries that he may be sharing her with other men.

The song ends with “Is your phone on silent; or, am I just some other man?” after echoing “Where is she?” multiple times. It keeps with the fastness of the other songs, but it’s steadier and more timely.

The final two songs include “Cowboy Killers” and the title song, “Electric Affair.” “Cowboy Killers” isn’t much to write about; it’s the most rock, in my opinion, with its heavier sound and anti-societal message. “Electric Affair,” however, ties the whole EP together. Filled with metaphors, the songs tries to describe the emotions associated with an affair.

Altogether, the EP is an enjoyable listen. It contains the kind of music that makes you want to bounce along. There are multiple elements that give various appeals as they incorporate alt rock with new wave and synth-pop.

The Sweet Talkers will be playing a show at The Deli in Norman, OK, on June 1st with Sophia Massad and New Time Zones. Check them out on all social media and music streaming sites, and make sure to listen to Electric Affair.

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