Cavern Company’s “So This Is Happiness” is Emotional and Optimistic

On May 11th, Cavern Company released their latest EP, So This Is Happiness. The EP consists of five songs – three of which were remastered versions of singles released in 2018 – that journey to the heart of happiness.

The first song, “Falling,” does its best to pump up the listener. The opening of the song swims in optimism, dance elements beginning early. The point is to get the listener ready for the rest of the EP; “Falling” is a preview for the following songs. The repeated, “We’re not ready, but we’ve already started,” puts them ahead of the usual climb, showing them skipping past the usual acclimation period of an album and jumping straight into the good part.

The song discusses not being ready to fall in love but also not really being given a choice. Instead of fighting it, however, the person dives in with the mentality of “it’s already happening, so there’s not stopping it.”

The next track continues with that positivity. “Enough?” can be completely explained by one line found in the third verse: “I keep on breathing for now, I keep on breathing for now.” The song describes breaking free by living one day at a time.

“God Willing” follows the two dance-heavy songs with a more crooning ballad. While it isn’t necessarily a slow song, it does introduce a heavier theme. “God Willing” is absolute emotion; it’s an apology for not treating a past love as well as they should have. However, keeping in theme with happiness and positivity, the song becomes a reflection that ultimately leads to moving on.

Instead of jumping back into the quick paced, dance-y songs that the EP opened with, “Rising Tide” is placed strategically to ease the listener out of the reverie “God Willing” placed them in. It goes straight into the final song, “Body Language.”

After all of the optimism in the other songs, the promotion of staying positive, “Body Language” brings the listener back down to Earth. The song is a call for honesty. “Now you’re doing fine; body language tells me otherwise,” shows them calling out the other songs for claiming this new happy life when there are other darker tones to them. The chorus consists of the singer promising not to let them hide behind false positivity.

So This Is Happiness is an EP that shows a progression towards happiness. It encourages optimism while assuring that it is okay not to be happy yet. Combining pop-infused rock with dance elements and clear vocals, Cavern Company provides a perfect melody that speaks just as loud as the lyrics.

Check out Cavern Company on all social media and music streaming sites. Be sure to listen to So This Is Happiness.

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