Mad Honey Releases Music Video For “Blue & You”

At 1 pm on Sunday, April 14, OKC band Mad Honey shared a music video for their latest release, “Blue & You.”

Their first music video ever, the band has created a surreal video for the hopelessly hopeful song. With the help of directors Emmy and VMA award winning Blake Pickens and upcoming Caleb Vesely, Mad Honey brings their ethereal track to life.

The video follows a woman looking for something. Throughout every obstacle, she keeps searching, never giving up despite having every reason.

The colors, of course, are washed in blue; this is a visual representation of the lyrics, “If all the world remains this shade of blue/I’ll forget it all but you.” In red, she finds what really matters to her.

When she finally finds herself without resistance, she discovers what she was searching for was never really that far away.

To quote how the band describes it, she “finds hope in a blue world.”

It’s a beautiful video for a beautiful song. The video follows the song perfectly, bringing to life the metaphors and symbolism that is ripe within the lyrics.

Click here to watch the new music video.

Returning from a mini tour through Arkansas, Nebraska, and Kansas, the band will play the Opolis Stage at Norman Music Festival (more info here).

Read more about Mad Honey’s song, “Blue & You” here. Make sure to check them out on all social media and music streaming sites.


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