Everything You Need to Know About Alexis Onyango

Alexis Onyango, a young musician from Tulsa, was kind enough to answer a few questions for me the other day.

Onyango’s musical journey began at the age of twelve. After hearing a full crowd singing music back to a musician on stage at a concert, Onyango knew what she wanted to do. So, she picked up a guitar and resolved to play it. Since then, she has also learned the piano – though guitar remains her favorite.

She writes her songs about her own life, like most, but she connects them with metaphors and hypothetical situations in order to achieve the universal appeal. She describes her music as “colorful,” each song promoting a different vibe.

When prompted to tell more about her songwriting process, Onyango admitted, “It takes me awhile to finish a song because I am a perfectionist, but I just like songs to have meaning.”

By this, she means that she wants her audience to find meaning in her songs. She wants her crowd to connect with her, to hear her music and find themselves. Her dream is to hear her songs sung back to her at a concert – something she experienced on February 16th of this year at the Vanguard when the majority of the crowd shouted the lyrics of “Silver Linings” along with her.

“Silving Linings” actually has a story behind it. Apparently, Onyango wrote it while her grandfather battled cancer in 2017. The song is about finding hope in difficult places, about staying positive even when everything feels impossible.

The song is incredibly personal for her, so hearing the crowd sing along was an extremely emotional moment for her.

Onyango’s musical influences include John Mayer, Lennon Stella, and The Beach Boys. In fact, when asked what band or musician she would most like to play with (her dream lineup), she mentioned Stella and Mayer.

As far as future plans go, an EP is currently in the works. Apparently, the EP was supposed to have been produced by now; however, time and money slowed the process.

This is where her perfectionist personality shows – she wants the record to be the best possible, and perfection takes time.

She did tease some new music coming very soon, for anyone unable to wait. Onyango promises that it will help tide fans over until the EP can be finished and released.

I asked her about her life and musical goals, and we entered a different plane from what was expected.

Alexis Onyango’s ultimate goal is to be happy. Music makes her happy; so, she plans to continue for as long as possible. However, she has other goals. Nearing the end of high school, she is preparing for college and a possible career in the medical field. She is undecided of her future, which is especially common for someone of her age – and much older; let’s not pretend fully grown adults don’t have doubts – but she has high hopes for her musical career.

Check out Alexis Onyango on all social media and music streaming sites.

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