One Two Ten Releases the Third Installment of the “Hurry Up & Wait” Collection

Yesterday (March 8th), One Two Ten released Wait, the third installment of their EP collection, Hurry Up & Wait. The band began the slow process in October with Hurry, followed by Up earlier this year. The full length album (a 12-song production) will come out in April.

There are three songs in this particular group. The first, “I Told You,” is bluesy – complete with a saxophone player and soulful vocals. The music makes you picture someone in a jazz bar, banging on the piano, lamenting woes.

“I Told You” is a “screw you” song. The repetition of “I’m sick of you” and “I’ll stand up to you despite all of the things that you do” makes the message clear; this girl is no good for him.

The moral comes a bit later on and proves to be more general, however. The singer vocalizes his opinion of “live life the way you want to…even if [you] lose.” His delivery may be a bit more rude than necessary, but the message is a wonderful one.

The song begins with a quick tempo that shows a building of confidence and conviction. However, it ends honestly, carrying vocals accompanied by keys, slowing down to drive the moral home. 

Following the blues trek, “Calling Out” comes in as the second track. The band switches to a dreamier sound for this one. Echoing music, swirling voices, and the utilization of a choir alludes to the influence of older stars in the slow rock category such as U2, Genesis, and Journey.

This song is desperate, pleading, as the singer begs a lost love to come back. Slipping back and forth between melancholy and desperation, the emotions found in this are powerful and keep the listener on their toes.

“Spain” is the third and final track. Orchestra and guitar pair together to create a very emotional listen as we delve into yet another sad song about a lost love. This particular one is a ballad containing two people trying and failing to stay in love. Spain is the destination to which the two planned to travel, but it is also a last-ditch effort to rekindle their love.

This particular installment is probably the best engineered of the three. Clear, crisp instruments complement flawlessly recorded vocals. Each aspect melts together in a beautiful concoction that will caress the ears of listeners.

Wait holds the most emotion than Hurry and Up. The previously released EPs were done in more of an energetic pop rock style than the soft rock style of their newest one, and feelings are more strongly evoked in the powerful “Calling Out” and lovesick “Spain.”

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