Spotless Mind’s EP Release Show Rocks Chimera

On Saturday, February 23rd, Spotless Mind hosted their EP release party, showcasing music from Tribesmen, All For More, Anchorway, and The Odyssey.

Oklahoma City band, Tribesmen, played first. Their music was considerably more mellow than the rest of the bands’. What stood out most about them was that each member got a chance to be the main vocalist at some point.

A fun group to watch, Tribesmen took their job of rousing the crowd seriously. Their sound had listeners swaying and bouncing, building up excitement for the rest of the bands.

The next to play was All For More. Personally, I’ve seen All For More play three times now; and, I swear, they get better with each performance.

With easy banter between members of the band, the group kept the excitement up. They launched into their music confidently, playing both new and old music – including a song not currently out. At the end, the vocalist actually came out into the crowd, jumping with the people at the front of the stage.

Third on the lineup was Anchorway. I would like to give a good review of them, but I honestly couldn’t make any sort of judgement. It was too loud – the instruments overlapped and blurred together to just form noise. The little bit that I could hear proved the band to be the epitome of a pop punk band, however.

Then, it was the Odyssey’s turn. This band seemed to have drawn the biggest crowd, people showing up just before their set and leaving right after.

With lights swirling around the room, the mood was set. The Odyssey played a set created entirely by fans, and even included a cover of “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. There was something in there for everyone, from bluesy rock tunes to a powerfully sad love song.

Finally, it was time for the main event.

Spotless Mind opened their set with “Happy Sunshine,” the first song off of their recently released EP, Matter of Opinion. What struck me most about their performance was how contained it seemed. Each movement was with purpose; everything seemed choreographed.

Moving into their next song, the stiffness seemed to wane. The lead singer especially grew more comfortable, moving with the beat of the music. The rest followed suit, particularly responding to the crowd’s enthusiasm.

Every song started with the audience clapping the beat. One thing this band held over all of the others was the participation of the crowd. Dancing, clapping, jumping, shouting; all of this and more was done by the listeners during the set. At one point, people were actually kicking off the stage as they bounced around.

It was impossible not to at least nod your head; the music encouraged movement of every kind.

A brief hitch occurred during “Good Enough,” when the vocalist admitted to having forgotten some of the words. However, the band brushed it off and moved into the next song.

The band played two covers: “My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit and “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer. (The Weezer song was actually an impromptu encore.) I noticed that the band seemed more confident with these two than any of their original songs. The two songs were flawless and filled with enthusiasm and expression, opposing the stiff performance of some of the other songs.

All in all, though, it was a great show. The bands were all very talented and put on invigorating performances. You can check out all of them on social media and music streaming sites.

Make sure to listen to Spotless Mind’s newest EP, Matter of Opinion. Also, check them out at their next performance – information listed below.

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