Kat Lock Performs Impressively at Guys on a Bus Concert

Kat Lock was the second to perform at the Vanguard on Wednesday, February 13th.

From the moment she started, it was obvious that the performance would be one to remember. A vibrant personality shone in her vocals from the very first verse, her piercing voice singing girlish songs to a crowd of people waiting for an entirely different type of band. She won them over, however, with her intelligent lyrics and uncomplicated melodies.

The first song was a bit difficult to hear – mainly because the guitar drowned out nearly everything else. However, this was fixed before the next song; the biggest issue came in the form of Lock’s difficulty at tuning her guitar. We found out in that moment how good a sport Lock is when she kept a brave face and called for a bass solo while she fixed her instrument.

She blew into her next song with only a string of jokes to separate herself from the hitch, and that was when the show really got rolling.

As I said before, Lock’s music can only be described as silly and girlish. The lyrics touch on love in a surface-deep way; instead of dramatically bemoaning the trials and tribulations of love, she addresses issues in both characters and specifically mentions those flaws as the reason for the inevitable end.

She also claimed signs had a lot to do with it, too. (Apparently, most of her songs were written about a Taurus – though a different Taurus each time.)

The songs were sung in a humorous way. Jokes were used to punctuate the transitions, and some of the songs even had breaks in them for sarcasm. It was like each one was an insight on how Lock views her love life. Instead of giving us the dirty, gritty details, she seems to satirize her own thoughts.

The result is a fresh break from the heavy love songs played constantly. Each song holds a deeper meaning, but they can also be held to their upbeat and playful facade.

Piercing vocals paired with just the slightest of a twang showcased her singing talent and made for a pleasant listening experience. The band, with which she had an excellent rapport, played well, giving the artist a well-rounded pop sound – this, in spite of her guitarist’s apparent debut.

It was an ambitious performance; Lock attempted to get the crowd clapping during the first song. Fortunately for her, the crowd responded, for the most part, and she managed to keep their attention throughout the entirety. Despite the hiccup at the beginning, the rest of the performance went smoothly.

If you’re looking for an indie pop musician on the rise, Kat Lock is definitely one to check out. Her sense of humor was shown when she casually dismissed love in one of her songs, proving her to be an entertaining performer, and her talent steadily shined in every second of the show.


Kat Lock recently released a music video for the only song currently up on Spotify, “Hard to Find.” You can watch it below:

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