Spotless Mind mix up style on new release

   Self proclaimed “eclectic punk” band, Spotless Mind, broke onto the Tulsa scene in 2018 with their self-titled debut EP.  Less than a year later, the band has come back with their second EP, “A Matter Of Opinion.”    This release finds the band shifting away from the soundscape of their debut. Originally boasting aContinue reading “Spotless Mind mix up style on new release”

The Odyssey’s “Stormcoming “EP is a Breath of Fresh Air

Local Oklahoma band, The Odyssey, has come out with their first EP, Stormcoming. The EP features six tracks, each fulfilling the title’s vibe. Each song shows the range and duality of what the band is capable of when it comes to the writing of their music. With a definite mixture of musical influences including aContinue reading “The Odyssey’s “Stormcoming “EP is a Breath of Fresh Air”